Swarm Catching – 10

4/16/2016 We removed a very large hive from the flooring of a gazebo located in Port Royal.  The hive consisted of many large combs that filled the floor section that you see opened up in the gazebo pictures.  The next to last comb removed (located near the center of the gazebo) had a gorgeous queen which was captured.  Most of the brood comb and some pollen/honey comb was placed in a 10 frame brood box.  Since there were so many bees, an additional 10 frame brood box with plastic foundation frames was added above the comb filled brood box.
gazebo_1 gazebo_2 gazebo_3  The hive as relocated in the apiary.  It is the center hive on the stand.  Click on the picture for a larger viewgazebo_hive_in_apiary