Swarm Catching – 13


5/31/2016 – We removed a Naples area small hive located in a water meter.  The hive was fairly gentle and the queen was captured.  Interestingly, we almost gave up on finding the queen because she was not found to be on any of the removed comb.  Instead she was found hiding under a small screwed down plastic compartment on the underside of the water meter lid…….. amazing!!  If we had not noticed this compartment and unscrewed it, we would have missed the queen and the hive probably would have reestablished itself.   The next day we placed the hive in our apiary.
bees_in_water_meter_5_31_2016  bees_in_water_meter_5_31_2016_in_apiary
Hive in water meter.  Most of the comb was attached to the underside of the lid. Hive placed in the apiary.  The bottom box and entrance restrictions will be removed once the hive’s bees have reoriented.
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