Swarm Catching – 14

6/3/2016 – We were called out on a bee hive removal from a construction trailer in Golden Gate Estates.   The hive had established itself between studs on an interior wall, necessitating removal of the paneling to reveal the comb.  We estimated the bee population to be around 20,000 and removal took about 4 hours.  They did not seem to be overly defensive.

6/4/2016 – UPDATE — We placed the hive into our apiary as hive #11

 bees_in_trailer_wall_a_6_3_2016 bees_in_trailer_wall_b_6_3_2016  

These bees after relocated to a hive box in our apiary.
Hive in trailer wall.  The multi layer comb was removed in sections so that it fit on deep frames.  There was comb and bees at the bottom and at the top of the wall.  
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