Swarm Catching – 4


11/21/2015 – We took a look at the hive this morning and were disappointed.  The hive is basically abandoned and the remaining comb is becoming contaminated with wax moths.  There was no sign of any queen and there were only a few bees present.  I don’t think we ever got the queen.  This and other failures prompted us to finally complete our bee vac design so that we may have better success at getting the queen.

11/17/2015 – We got an email from John in Marco Island concerning a couple hives in a tree on the side of his house.  We took a look at the situation and were able to remove one of the hives.  I must say they were some of the most gentle bees I have ever experienced.

It is too soon to tell how well the transplanted bees will do, so stay tuned.  When the hive entrance was opened at the NaplesBees apiary location, the bees seemed to want to stay around, which is always a good sign !


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