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I am an enthusiastic backyard hobby beekeeper. 

I am not a commercial operation and will never be.  In short, I do the bee thing to have fun and to try to do my small part to help keep the bees buzzing….. not to mention the delicious sweet honey!!  

If you have any comments/questions,  or information that you want to share about bee activity on my website, contact me with the email below. 

The following email address can be used for contact:
NaplesBees @       
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Certificate of Apiary Registration

Certificate of Beekeeping Registration for this beekeeper and apiary is current with the Florida Department of Agriculture as required under Florida statute 586 , and honey bee removal authorized under Florida rule  5E-14.151, F.A.C. , which clarifies that a commercial extermination license is NOT needed if it is a hive relocation request or pesticides are not to be used in the removal process.  I am also are a member of the Beekeepers Association of Southwest Florida and Bee Boyz and Girlz