No bees at 10,000 feet…..

 Out of the Army service during our country’s Vietnam war era, a MSEE degree, a USPA certified skydiving instructor-D4466, a licensed Senior Rigger, and private pilot.  Above pushing 2000 jumps and high over Immokalee Airport, Florida!

Flag day jumping from UH-1H and Loach Helicopters…. That young U.S. Army SP4 on the right and a future beekeeper is somewhere high over the restricted airspace surrounding the U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds. That flag above, which long ago flew in Vietnam and now shown below, is proudly displayed at the home of the NaplesBees apiary. Click on the pictures for larger views.
The Random Destiny of the Vietnam War Draft Lottery set this future
beekeeper on a life changing course for the better.

Freedom is NOT Free.
Love America and Live Life FREE